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  A new version of software is available for XMp3 and XMp3i radios.

This new release delivers several important listening and operational improvements. With the latest software, you'll experience:

  • Added compatibility with the XMp3i PowerConnect Vehicle Dock, model XAPV2 (sold separately)
  • Support for USB charging
  • Improved memory management for stored content
NOTE: Your radio's software version is displayed on the bottom left of the screen during power up. It will be updated to the latest version of software available at the time it is submitted. The current versions are 1.30 for XMp3 and 1.31x for XMp3i.

To experience these benefits, SIRIUS XM encourages all XMp3 & XMp3i users to upgrade to this latest version of software. For those who donít have the ability, or prefer not to upgrade the device themselves, SIRIUS XM is providing an Update and Return program. This offer is extended only to those XMp3 & XMp3i users who currently maintain an active subscription. This Update and Return Program is available for a limited time only. No claims will be accepted after July 31, 2013.

To take advantage of the Update and Return program, please follow the instructions below:

How it works:
1. SIRIUS XM Radio will pay the cost of updating your radio and return shipping.
2. You are required to pay for shipping your radio to the SIRIUS XM authorized service center.
3. Send only the radio Ė No batteries or battery covers, docks, accessories, earbuds, or SD memory cards should be sent. Be sure to remove the battery cover, battery, and SD card before shipping and keep them safe with your other accessories.
IMPORTANT: SIRIUS XM is not responsible for returning any accessories sent with the radio.
4. As part of the update process, all of the settings and recordings on your radio will be erased. In addition, the program guide feature will be removed. Please do not send your radio unless you agree to these changes.
5. Your radio will be updated and shipped back to you within 3 business days of receipt.
a. Retain your claim number to return to this website to track the progress of your update. Your claim status on the website will be updated with the following information:
i. Date when received by SIRIUS XM
ii. Date when shipped
iii. UPS tracking number for shipment
b. You will receive an email with the UPS tracking Number when your updated radio is shipped back to you.

Instructions for sending in your radio:
1. Fill out the information in the online form below.
2. Print out the shipping information by clicking FILE and PRINT in your browser. This shipping information includes your claim number, to track progress of your update.
3. Remove the battery and store in a safe place. Do not send these parts. Safely pack the radio in a suitable container. Do not include any accessories. IMPORTANT: SIRIUS XM is not responsible for returning any accessories sent.
4. Write or print the shipping address clearly on your packaging. This address will be provided to you after filling in the online form below.
5. Insure your shipment and use a delivery confirmation service. SIRIUS XM is not responsible for radios lost or damaged during shipment.


**All fields are required unless otherwise noted.
Unit Info
Model Number: XMp3 XMp3i
XM Radio ID:
XM Radio ID is printed below the bar code on the rear label of the device
Purchase Date:

Personal Info
First Name:
Last Name:
Address: ** this address MUST be the delivery address for the return of your unit. Please do not enter
P.O. box, APO or FPO addresses.
State / Province:
Zip/Postal Code:
Country: US CANADA
Phone #2 (optional):
Email Address:
By checking this box and submitting your request, you are agreeing to install version 1.30 or 1.30x software on your radio and acknowledging that this software update will remove the Program Guide feature from your radio.
By checking this box, I acknowledge that all of the settings and recorded content on my radio will be erased during the update process.